IZL Applications

IZL (Integrated Zoomer Language) is a small programming environment which was initially intended for a handheld computer known as the Zoomer, but runs very well on any GEOS-based platform.

IZL programs are not free-standing applications, but interpreted scripts. You need to install the whole IZL package (see first entry in the list), even if you do not intend to write your own programs.

As a programmer, you will find the language simple and easy to learn, yet powerful enough to write all sorts of utility applications. Its strong points are calculations, file I/O operations and user interaction, but it severely lacks in graphic capabilities and does not allow access to any system libraries other than PARSE.GEO.

IZL is a good choice for the less experienced author who is keen to write his own applications for New Deal Office quickly. For more complex projects, you should have a look at NewBasic or the Software Development Kit.

If you have any questions regarding IZL usage and programming or if you want to submit your own files to be put on this page, please send an e-mail to: holger@99computing.co.uk .

Other good places of contact are the Usenet groups comp.os.geos.misc and comp.os.geos.programmer as well as the German GEOS-Infobase.

System Files

IZL software and documentation (as supplied by FIT) Sample routines and helper applications, written in IZL

IZL Programs

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